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Thank you for visiting the Union Public Schools employment website.

Instructions for completing Union Public Schools’ online application:

1. To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below. The listing of open positions can be sorted by job title, date, location etc. by clicking on the header. After your information is complete, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications.

2. Use the tab key to move through the application.

3. When you complete your application, click "Submit". By clicking "Submit", you will be applying only for that one specific job posting. If you see other postings of interest to you, you will need to apply for each of those positions.

4. The system will check for errors and will not allow you to submit the application if required fields are blank or a response does not meet the required response format. You will be prompted to go back and correct/complete any errors/omissions.

5. After you have successfully submitted your application, make note of your USERNAME and PASSWORD. You will need this information to go back to your application to resubmit it for other job openings or for the purpose of editing any information on your application that may have changed since you last applied.

6. Completed applications will remain in the system for one year from the last date you accessed your online application. Anytime you access your application to edit the information or attach your application to an open position, a new one-year time frame begins (during which your application will remain in the system). If your application receives no action by you for a one-year period of time, the application will be purged from the system.

7. Once you have applied for a specific, open position, your application will be available for review by the hiring administrator. The hiring administrator will select the candidates s/he is going to interview (either by phone or in person). You will only be contacted by the hiring administrator if you have been selected for an interview (by phone or in person).

Thank you for your interest in working for Union Public Schools. If you have questions about the online application process, please contact Nikki McBryde at 918-357-6192 or by email to

Please be sure to remember your username and password for future use.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Peters Elementary -Receptionist (8 Hrs/Day)08/05/2020SupportPeters ElementaryApply
Rosa Parks Elementary- EDP Assistant (6 Hrs/Day)08/05/2020SupportRosa Parks ElementaryApply
Transportation - Full-Time Bus Driver (6 Hrs/Day)08/05/2020SupportTransportationApply
Jarman Elementary/Peters Elementary - Psychologist08/05/2020Certified - ElementaryJarman ElementaryApply
Grounds - Groundskeeper Assistant (8 Hrs/Day)08/04/2020SupportOperations DepartmentApply
Transportation - Part-time Bus Driver (5.5 Hrs/Day)08/04/2020SupportTransportationApply
Ochoa - Part-time Instructional Coach08/04/2020Certified - ElementaryOchoa ElementaryApply
Ochoa - Part-time Instructional Coach08/04/2020Certified - ElementaryOchoa ElementaryApply
Rosa Parks Elementary - Aide (7 Hrs/Day)08/04/2020SupportRosa Parks ElementaryApply
6th/7th Grade Center - EL Aide (7 Hrs/Day)07/30/2020Support6th/7th Grade CenterApply
8th Grade Center - Receptionist (8 Hrs/Day)07/30/2020Support8th Grade CenterApply
Boevers - Child Nutrition Worker (5.25 Hrs/Day)07/30/2020Child NutritionBoevers ElementaryApply
Ochoa Elementary - Child Nutrition Worker (6 Hrs/Day)07/30/2020Child NutritionOchoa ElementaryApply
Grove Elementary - 4th Grade Teacher07/28/2020Certified - ElementaryGrove ElementaryApply
Freshman Academy - Special ED Aide (7 Hrs/Day)07/28/2020SupportFreshman AcademyApply
Moore Elementary- Behavior Tech (7 Hrs/Day)07/24/2020SupportMoore ElementaryApply
Grove Elementary - Skill Builder Aide (7.5 Hrs/Day)07/22/2020SupportGrove ElementaryApply
6th/7th Grade Center - ER2 Aide (7 Hrs/Day)07/21/2020Support6th/7th Grade CenterApply
High School - Child Nutrition Worker (7.5 Hrs/Day)07/20/2020Child NutritionHigh SchoolApply
Grove Elementary - 5th Grade Teacher07/17/2020Certified - ElementaryGrove ElementaryApply
High School - Child Nutrition Worker (6 Hrs/Day)07/16/2020Child NutritionHigh SchoolApply
6th/7th Grade Center - Child Nutrition Worker (5.5 Hrs/Day)07/14/2020Child Nutrition6th/7th Grade CenterApply
Cedar Ridge Elementary - Child Nutrition Custodian (3 Hrs/Day)06/24/2020Child NutritionCedar Ridge ElementaryApply
Boevers - Child Nutrition Worker (7 Hrs/Day)06/24/2020Child NutritionBoevers ElementaryApply
Jarman Elementary- EDP Assistant Supervisor (5 Hrs/Day)06/22/2020SupportJarman ElementaryApply
High School- Building Engineer (8 Hrs/Day)06/19/2020SupportHigh SchoolApply
8th Grade Center - Child Nutrition Worker (5.5 Hrs/Day)06/19/2020Child Nutrition8th Grade CenterApply
Rosa Parks Elementary - 1st Grade Teacher06/18/2020Certified - ElementaryRosa Parks ElementaryApply
Education Service Center -Payroll Specialist (8 Hrs/Day)06/12/2020SupportEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Jarman Elementary - Special Ed Aide (7 Hrs/Day)05/28/2020SupportJarman ElementaryApply
Moore Elementary - ER2 Aide (7 Hrs/Day)05/22/2020SupportMoore ElementaryApply
6th/7th Grade Center - ER2 Aide (7 Hrs/Day)05/22/2020Support6th/7th Grade CenterApply
Clark Elementary - Language Arts Aide (7 Hrs/Day)05/20/2020SupportClark ElementaryApply
Grove- Special ED Aide (7 Hrs/Day)05/18/2020SupportGrove ElementaryApply
High School - ER2 Aide (7 Hrs/Day)05/13/2020SupportHigh SchoolApply
8th Grade Center - Child Nutrition Worker (5 Hrs/Day)05/11/2020Child Nutrition8th Grade CenterApply
McAuliffe Elementary - Child Nutrition Worker (6 Hrs/Day)03/20/2020Child NutritionMcAuliffe ElementaryApply
Darnaby Elementary - Child Nutrition Worker (4.25 Hrs/Day)03/18/2020Child NutritionDarnaby ElementaryApply
Intern - Seasonal03/13/2020ProvisionalVarious LocationsApply
Night School Teacher03/13/2020ProvisionalFreshman AcademyApply
Future LPN03/13/2020SupportEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Future Certified Counselors03/13/2020CertifiedEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Future Secondary Math Teachers03/13/2020Certified - SecondaryEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Future Secondary Science Teachers03/13/2020Certified - SecondaryEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Future Early Childhood Teachers03/13/2020Certified - ElementaryEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Future Certified Psychologists03/13/2020CertifiedEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Future Speech Pathologists03/13/2020CertifiedEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Future K-12 Special Education Teachers03/13/2020CertifiedEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Adult Ed - GED Instructor for ABE (Part-Time)03/13/2020Certified - SecondaryEducation Service Center - District WideApply
Adult Ed - ESL Instructor for ABE (Part-Time)03/13/2020CertifiedEducation Service Center - District WideApply